I'm learning the Godot Engine, so here's the stuff I've made.

  1. 2023-02-27 - The 2D Godot tutorial (Updated 2023-03-01: Godot 4)
  2. 2023-02-28 - A dumb "catch the dropping items" game I made to troll a friend (Updated 2023-03-01: Godot 4)

    This basically uses many of the same fundamental aspects as the 2D Godot tutorial, so it's not really anything new.

  3. 2023-03-04 - A scrolling game where everything is cute

    I'm using this project to learn tiles, cameras, collision physics, spawning, item pickup, dynamic animations, dynamic hitboxes, particle effects, and more.

  4. 2023-04-06 - A project for learning procedural map / tile generation

    Currently using a basic noise generator to get a basic 0/1 cell layout, eventually I'll use Moore neighborhoods to implement a cellular automata, and non-boolean noise data for "biomes".
    Ultimately, I'd like to fully automate procedural map generation with interesting (read: non-flat) tilemaps, but that's very advanced for me at the moment.

    This is done, in theory, but it is atrociously inefficient. There are two major classes of potential improvement:

  5. (In Dev) - Learning how to build various effects with GPU shaders

    This one's weird because the compiled executable shader is not acting like the in-Godot shader preview, and the examples I followed used deprecated variables, which led me to a fairly different end result.
    Still, for my first shader ever, it's pretty neat.
    This water-like shader is now working properly. I think there was some bug between the previewer and the compiler because loading the project again fixed the issues, and I can now adjust all the parameters as expected. Nice!

    I've gotten a fire shader "working," but I have major issues:

    (2023-04-15) - I've stepped back to shader basics and have gotten up to a noise/fog shader.
    My goal is to understand all the parts I need to successfully create fire / magic / smoke / water shaders myself without a lot of copy-pasting.
    I feel like I've gotten some part of the way there, but fragment shaders are not easy to understand, and I feel like I've maybe learned 0.005% of them.

    (2023-04-20) - Substantially better fire implemented by just adding a bunch more randomness / noise.
    Next up is a "magic" effect, and I'd like to improve the water shader across the board.